Thursday, June 28, 2012

GW2 Stress Test and Announcement

First and foremost you should all know by now that Guild Wars 2 will be released on August 28th! The best part of that news is that everyone who pre-purchased the game gets a 3-day head start, which means you can start playing it on the 25th and get a weekend in before everyone else does. Awesome! The wait is almost finally over!

I've also been super glad that during the 2 months we have left of waiting we're getting all these stress tests, and beta weekends, which are super fun and they've let me really figure out what to do under different playing circumstances. During the stress test yesterday I only had a few hours to play, and I had already completed a lot of the content I intended to so what was I to do for a couple hours?

First of all, I turned myself into a deer. I mean why not?

Then I played around on my warrior and killed some bandits with the help of Logan Thackeray. The thing I really enjoy about playing a warrior is that combat feels especially visceral. While I do definitely enjoy the combat system with Mesmers, there's always a soft spot in my heart for getting up close and personal with my foes. Smashing them in the face with large objects never gets old.

After that we all found out that there would be a repeat of the last BWE final event, in which Dragon Branded minions invaded the Plains of Ashford. During the last BWE I didn't get a chance to play in this little event so it was especially fun for me to experience for the first time. I definitely did my fair share of zerging waypoints and making sure that nothing survived our onslaught. 

Of course, eventually I got turned and had a party with my new friends. 

Now we only have some speculation left to do. The last BWE is July 20-22, so what do you think they'll let us play? I'm hoping the Sylvari and Asura are finally available. It would be awesome to finally see Rata Sum and The Grove in all their glory!

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  1. I missed the last stress beta weekend but I don't intent to miss the next beta weekend!

    My speculation about what they will add next would be Rata Sum and The Grove since it is something everybody been waiting for a long time to see. So it will certainly keep people talking about the game just a few weeks before the game's release.

    Also a new leveling zone for those who already reached the level cap in the previous beta weekend, a new WvWvW map and maybe a new dungeon. All safe bets I guess and pretty vague too since I am pretty ignorant as far as Guild Wars locations go. :x

    Also, I completely agree about the warrior class. I don't think I had so much fun with a melee class in a very long time. It almost makes me think twice to make my first character an engineer. Alas, I cannot resist the idea of guns, explosions and goggles though. So warrior might end up being my second character. :)