Friday, June 1, 2012

Borderlands. I'm an SMG Bulletstorm

Borderlands is a pretty old game, but if you're not familiar with it I'll preface this with the basic idea.

Kill things. Get Loot. Be a Badass.

I've been playing it on and off since the GOTY Steam sale back during the beginning of 2012. You could say, it's been my go to game when I need a quick fix of brutal satisfying carnage. Initially I didn't buy it when it came out because I was too busy with Starcraft 2, and other things, but since Borderlands had always been on my list of games to play when you add in the sale price it was pretty much a no brainer. I love future apocalypse landscapes and Gearbox's marketing is simply genius.

A Gazillion guns? Oh yes please. Don't mind if I do.

So here's the situation. I've been playing for a while and building up an SMG Siren. I don't typically go to wikis or walkthroughs unless I really find something impossible, so little to my knowledge a SMG Siren is really quite good. I've been seeing my fair share of good drops, orange pistols, 'holy crap it shoots rockets' shotguns, and various elemental SMGs but nothing really spectacular. The loot was good enough to get me through my first playthrough, including all the DLC, without much trouble, so I wasn't really complaining much.

Then at the end of my second playthrough of the normal story, just before you finally get to the Vault, BAMMO!

This crap is bananas! And that's putting it lightly. If you don't quite understand what's going on here let me break it down for you:

It's an SMG. My Siren uses SMGs.

It has an 82 round clip. Yay bullets.

It shoots HELL OF A FAST. Yay more bullets!


Essentially. A HX 4 Double Anarchy SMG is capable of unloading its entire 82 round clip in roughly 2 seconds. That maths out to one bullet every .024 seconds.

Here's a video. I think that describes it best.

Borderlands just got fun again.

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