Thursday, June 7, 2012

GW2 Finding a home

For those of you who are just now getting into the GW2 culture it may be difficult to find a place to fit in. Thankfully over at Attached To Keyboard Tasha has aggregated a ton of data and opinions on people's thoughts of their servers after the first BWE. Furthermore, there's an awesome post over on GuildWars2Guru with all the data on which servers well known communities will be flocking to.

The second list made it particularly easy for me to find out where I was going to house my characters. See I knew from the get go that I intend to PvP a lot, so that cut down the list of possible choices quickly. Combined with the fact that a lot of the DAoC guilds were congregating on Sorrow's Furnace my server choice essentially became a no brainer. I would live on Sorrow's Furnace and PvP with the big boys. So far it's been working out quite well.

I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised of the Sorrow's Furnace population. My typical experiences from PvP servers included groups of hostile, belittling, and immature super egos that dominated most of the server. So I figured I could expect much of the same here. I couldn't have been more wrong. I'd constantly get help questing, and people would be more than happy to just stick around in a group even after finishing an escort quest. There was a point when I stumbled into a group while wandering around Kessex Hills and before I had even stopped to think about it we had finished every renown heart in the entire zone, and cleared multiple dynamic events. Some of which at least a few group members had already done before.

If this is a sign of how GW2 is going to shape up in the future I have to say that it's going to be a wonderful place to live. The important thing is community and it sure feels like GW2 has it.

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