Thursday, May 31, 2012

NBI Wrapup

It is without question a fact that if it wasn't for the Newbie Blogger Initiative I wouldn't have started this blog. Thanks Syp for carpet bombing the internet to such a degree that even I, who before this month only read one gaming blog, got the blogging bug. And now every weekday for the last 2 weeks I've written something. If you discount work emails and job applications, that's more writing than I've done for the last 2 years. Easily. And that's what I find is really cool. Initially I was afraid that getting into blogging I'd just stumble around with nothing to say about much of anything. As it turns out I actually have a whole lot more to say than I initially thought, and surprisingly some people actually read it.

Thank you mysterious people, you're awesome.

What have I taken away from this month the most? Probably These two posts:

If you remember Nothing Else .... WRITE! -JadedAlt

Hey, Newbie! Stop Writing! -ProfessorBeej

Notice an connection here? All the advice that's meant the most to me has simply been "Get out there and put what you're thinking down into words!" You can do all this planning, and over think every word of your posts, but in the end what really matters is that you're blogging. Sometimes it is prudent to do some research, but generally what people want about your blog is a real person talking about their real experiences. If you glossy it up with too much polish then there isn't any real left for people to enjoy.

And that realness is what I enjoy the most about blogging. It's knowing that what I'm reading is actually coming from someone out there in the world and not a printing press worth of publishers and editors.

If you want a full list of all the bloggers from NBI go check out Syp's wrapup, but I'll warn you there's a whole hell of a lot of new bloggers now so be prepared to do some reading. Some good, interesting, enjoyable, luscious reading.